Restaurant K2, Foppolo

The beauty of our mountains got you a bit peckish (or more than a bit)?
Wanna taste the original, unrivalled queen of all polentas: the legendary bergamasque Polenta Taragna?
Say no more: at K2 restaurant we have what you need, and more!

Orobic gastronomic tradition at its best

The K2 Restaurant is located at the ground floor of K2 Residence Hotel.
Fear not: the restaurant might be inside a first-class hotel, but our doors are wide open for the public!
ristorante k2

You might have heard about us already:
we are recommended by the finest gastronomic guides Guida Michelin and Touring Club Italianoand we recently received the Eccellenza TripAdvisor.

Our offer

On our menu you will only find traditional recipes and products of our territory, carefully selected and prepared by our family under the strict supervision of our mighty Chef: Granny Sandra!
Our selection of locally-sourced cheese, mushrooms, game meats and cold cuts is nothing short of delectable. But if you are looking for an extraordinary culinary experience, than you should definitely check our Granny Sandra’s “Lasagnette al Paruch”. Audacious variant of the classic “Lasagna”, based on a wild spinach – the Paruch – that is only found in our Brembana Valley, this dish is what makes K2 such a unique restaurant!
Of course, we have a wide selection of wine to accompany your meals!

 Ravioli al Paruk

Menù Cantina K2 Foppolo

Where to find us

We are located in Foppolo, right at the top of the village. Other than being able to take advantage of the best views that Foppolo has to offer, from our restaurant you will be within easy reach of both ski slopes, and the main mountain trails.

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